If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best!

You can't do it alone, neither can we. This is why we love to partner with companies that have unique but complementary technologies and skills to supplement our in-house capabilities. We live in a connected and complex world. Innovation today is accomplished by rapidly connecting many centers of knowledge and focusing them with a clearly defined purpose. Breakthrough Solutions LLC is your connecting and coordination point to the most advanced of these knowledge centers. Ask us about these superior technology providers or ask them about Breakthrough Solutions. Either way you won't go wrong.
Apio, Inc.
BreatheWay Technology – Keeping it Fresh by Design
BreatheWay membranes are designed to naturally extend the shelf life of virtually any fresh product that would benefit from reduced oxygen levels and managed carbon dioxide levels. Our unique membrane solution manages all gas transfer requirements for the package, leaving more flexibility for the balance of the package to meet product, shipping or merchandising requirements.    
AgroFresh offers unprecedented pre-and post-harvest expertise to measurably reduce fruit waste from the orchard to the consumer. AgroFresh offers an innovative portfolio of products and services which enhance the freshness, quality and value of fresh produce. Over the past decade, 10% of fruit waste reduction on storage level alone was achieved by using the SmartFreshSM Quality System.     


GrowthSpring Group
GrowthSpring Group is a strategic growth and marketing innovation firm that helps clients accelerate sales and profit growth. GrowthSprint Group helps you identify and implement new business insights, opportunities, winning strategies and plans. They assist clients from concept to launch to help grow their business through new markets, products, services and marketing programs.

Gen3 Partners 
GEN3 Partners is a global product innovation consulting firm dedicated to dramatically improve the impact, predictability and productivity of its clients’ innovation processes.
Through the application of the TRIZ problem solving methodology and their unique intelectual property development capabilities, your company's technology can be protected to enhance your company's competitive advantage.                                                     
Be Alive

Seeds of Leadership-Global Practice in Leadership, Organization Development and Executive Coaching
Provides consulting to various organizations in the areas of executive leadership coaching, change management, talent management, communication, facilitation, strategic planning, diversity, culture and structural change, team development, effective execution and strategic partnership building. 
Delivers cross-cultural leadership programs globally using a combination of applied executive learning, strategic execution, corporate expertise, facilitation and individual and team coaching, linked to specific business objectives



LATAMNet was created with one goal in mind: To facilitate individuals and businessmen with professional advice, support and services on their activities in international markets where they lack of proper corporate infrastructure; providing a “One Stop Shop” solution that enhances opportunity and efficiency, thus reducing uncertainty, initial investment and ongoing costs.


Aprycot Consulting Corp.

​A professional corporation dedicated to providing the best IT services and solutions through the development, implementation and the application of the latest tools and technologies. Offices in Latin America and in Miami, Serving the LATAM and the US markets. Their divisions of Consulting, Research, Development, Technical Support and Training are composed of excellent professionals with extensive experience in IT, management and project management.