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  Success Enablers!


  • Raul U Fernandez - President and Chief Success Enabler - Operations and New Product Development
  • Gonzalo Marquez - Success Enabler - Strategy and Business Development 
  • David Lund - Success Enabler - Marketing and New Product Development
  • Elvira Rodrigo - Success Enabler - Organization Development and Team Dynamics
  • Alberto Ortiz - Success Enabler - Operations, Certification Compliance, GMP and Training
  • Jiwon Jeong - Success Enabler - PhD Research and Development
  • Craig Stephen - Success Enabler - Market and Business Development and Intelligence, Due Diligence


  • Carlos Edde - Systems and ERP Implementation
  • Franklin Sanabria - Packaging Development
  • Alvaro Ureña - Post Harvest Specialist
  • ​Narciso Vivot - Success Enabler - Demand Driven Management, Operations and Logistics

our team is second to none, they don't stop until you succeed

our success enablers methodology looks at your capabilities and matches it with the market needs that will provide the best outcome